~ Awakening the Extraordinary ~

Weekend Retreat

Know Thy Self
Journey to Resilience 
Creating Enlightened Leaders

Location: Norwalk, CT 
April 28-29, 2012

Sat 9 am -4 pm, Sun 10 am -2 pm

Weekend retreat with Neerja Arora Bhatia, author of “Art of Resilience” and “Bliss is in Knowing The Self

An inspirational retreat for individuals looking to ignite their passion and discover their authentic voice.

Our program is designed to artfully combine conscious awareness, full engagement and pragmatic practices to live and work from the place of Presence.

Not too long ago theories, tools and techniques were primarily used for transferring knowledge; whereas in today’s world, transferring wisdom has become critical. Our methodology moves beyond theories to rich experiential connection and building capacity and competence to better serve and exceed our client needs. The core of our work is to facilitate and inspire positive change in attitudes, beliefs, approaches and relationships, the four pillars of strength.

Our approach is pragmatic, inspiring and breathes life into the process of unlearning mental models. We use a combination of real life experiences, age old wisdom and pragmatic tools to strengthen the practice to awaken the extraordinary.

Experience the authentic voice and open up to a new orientation and commitment to conscious awareness for high energy and full engagement.

Authenticity is the capacity to break free from mental models and be fully engaged in the moment. It creates an experience that helps us move from reactions to inner equilibrium. Authenticity is what helps us create depth, understanding and wisdom. Sharpen your unique self expression by fine tuning your awareness, join us for this thought provoking workshop and learn the Power of Authenticity.

Upon completion gain inner wisdom to practice the following:
bulletFrom proper to authentic
bulletFrom self doubt to self mastery
bulletFrom holding on to letting go
bulletFrom being stuck to flying

Register early, as space is limited to 10 participants.

Price: $729 per person
(Includes lunch)

Scholarships available, please call for more information

Group Facilitator
Neerja Arora Bhatia



For someone who has spent her career in the observation of leadership and its affect on organizational life, I believe in my heart that emotional intelligence is the language of leadership. Intrinsic motivation and creativity are the sparks that will ignite a fire within a workforce to move an organization toward the results needed in this chaotic environment. Neerja, in her innate wisdom and true caring about her participants, opens the door to self-awareness which is foundational for anyone who wants to inspire others. Few things are life changing in the training world, but Neerja’s gifts make her workshops the closest I’ve ever experienced.

~ Barbara Warheit, Director of Quality and Organizational Development,
Grove City Medical Center, Gove City, PA


Neerja’s energy is contagious. The day was full of mind aerobics that really got me thinking at a deeper level why I feel and respond the way that I do to key situations in my life. Neerja’s insights have changed the way I think about my relationships with my clients.

~ Jason Monarch, Principal, Value Capture LLC / Value Capture Policy Institute


Neerja Bhatia brings a solid and insightful perspective to this topic. Her experiences are grounded in reality.

~ Denyse Burns, Madison-Burns & Associates


Through Neerja’s work I gained new insights into managing more effective communication in challenging situations by being more aware of emotions in myself and others. By focusing on emotional awareness, creativity and critical thinking skills are enhanced both personally and professionally. I am so pleased we were able to have this session at our agency allowing so many of our staff to benefit from its value.

~ Liz Powell, COO, VNA Western Pennsylvania


Neerja is inspirational to all of whom she encounters. Her uplifting sense of reality combined with the confidence she builds in those she addresses truly makes her an award winning motivational speaker.
~ Karen Memory, Process Improvement Team – NJQO, Schering Plough

Neerja has a gift for opening the minds of her audience members. She has a gentle approach that helps introduce new ways of looking at the situations we encounter. Rather than force new ideas or concepts, Neerja uses kind collaboration and that helps diffuse defensiveness.

Ann Ward, Ward certified consulting, LLC

A partial list of the most successful worldwide organizations Rhythm Of Success has worked with includes GE, Schering Plough, Philips, Altria, UBS, Covidien, Boehringer Ingelheim and Eileen Fischer. Neerja Arora Bhatia has also authored two thought provoking books: ‘Art of Resilience' and 'Bliss is in Knowing the Self.’