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  • Employee Engagement 2

    Is Employee Engagement Possible In Today’s Turmoil?

    How have the past few years of turbulence impacted individual performance and engagement?  Are employees engaged or simply going through the motions in order to collect a paycheck? If you were asked to count the number of times you have failed, the amount will most …

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  • Fear 2

    Resilience Journal: The Unspoken Fear of Success

    What is holding you back from success? If you were asked to count the number of times you have failed, the amount will most likely not exceed two digits.  Whereas if you were to begin adding the number of successes in your life, I am …

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  • Success 1

    Resilience Journal: Do you chase success or does it follow you?

    Success can be addictive, seductive and elusive. No amount of success is satisfying as it leaves you craving for more, creating an illusion of going someplace and never arriving.  The feeling of wanting more has little to do with success and everything to do with ‘a’ lack …

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  • Distraction 3

    Resilience Journal: Do you get distracted easily

    Do you get distracted easily?e Popular notion is that the focused attention is lost due to the constant distractions from the external world.  Even though there is a lot going on outside ourselves, contrary to the notion, distraction is a reflection of our own mental noise.    The mind …

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  • Self Awareness1

    Resilience Journal: A moment of self awareness

    A Moment of Self-Awareness is Worth a Pound of Cure A moment of self-awareness into the internal dialogue can save us hours of self-inflicted suffering. I’ll let you in on a secret; the mind is very good at finding evidence to prove a point or to be …

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  • LanguageOfEmotions

    Resilience Journal: The Language of Emotions

    A common emotion experienced in relationships is frustration. More often than not, frustration results from expectations that are not being met.  We immediately want to fix the other, while the only thing that requires fixing is the perception that is creating the frustration. Strategies of rewards, punishments …

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  • Difficult Conversations

    Resilience Journal: How to Manage Difficult Conversations

    How would your life be different if you knew how to seamlessly manage difficult conversations? What is your conversation style when caught in opposing views, fight or flight?   This is an age old dilemma and explosion or implosion does not provide sustainable solutions. When we become …

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  • NewYearsResolutions2012

    Resilience Journal: New Year’s Resolutions

    Is your New Year’s Resolution an initial sizzle with an eventual fizzle?  Four thousand years ago in Babylonian times, resolutions were made with the intention that what was done on the first day of the New Year would be reflected in the remaining days of the year.  Incidentally, …

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  • Power Of Silence

    Resilience Journal: Power of Silence

    Getting overwhelmed this time of the year, remember to take a few moments and tap into the ‘Power of Silence’ What would it be like to write on a page without blank space? The writing will be lost in the busyness of the words – …

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