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Navigating to Success through a Turbulent World

Finish second half of 2013 strong and plan and execute for an outstanding 2014

Are you experiencing feast or famine in your business?  By re-evaluating your business model; developing strong alliances and applying the foundations of the 9 critical hats; we are confident you will experience significant business growth.  Along with Raj Tedla, CTO of VRT and former GE Sr. VP Strategic Marketing, we are offering 12 sessions, 4 month long Business Growth Alliance hands-on business transformation workshop..


The Business Growth AllianceTM (BGA) is a unique team-based workshop designed for entrepreneurs and small business leaders.

You will learn the 9 Hats Business Transformation Model and execute practical methodologies, proven skills and survival techniques to thrive and grow your business in any market environment.


The benefits of the BGA workshop include the following:

5x – 10x Return of Investment (ROI) on BGA Workshop.
Checkbox Grow your business by 5%, 10%, 25% or more based on your business strategy in next 12 months
Checkbox Transform your business while minimizing constraints for business growth
Checkbox A better Leader/ Entrepreneur  through greater understanding of self and others
Checkbox Actionable business growth plan for profitability
Checkbox An annual strategic planning process for short-term and long-term success
Checkbox Developing Continuous and Never Ending Improvements within your Business
Checkbox Learning to work “ON” your business instead of “in” your business


This is a great workshop for you if you are:

Checkbox A Proactive Entrepreneur/ Business leader
Checkbox Open-Minded and willing to participate 100% in the program
Checkbox Willing to change and execute on new ideas and concepts
Checkbox Good communicator and listener to learn and share best practices
Checkbox Motivated to aggressively grow a profitable business
Checkbox Accountable team player
Checkbox Decision maker/ owner In business for at least 18-24 months to maximize benefits


Workshop Details & Program Format

Checkbox Online Assessments (Pre-Work) 1 Hour
Checkbox Experiential online workshops 12 Sessions
Checkbox One on one coaching 1 Hour
Checkbox Ongoing Best Practices Webinars 4 Sessions

Overview of the BGA Program :




Business Transformation Model for Small Businesses

Leader's Hat
Leader's Hat Leader's Hat
Leader's Hat Leader's Hat
Leader's Hat Leader's Hat
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To learn more about the BGA – Business Transformation Workshop
Please RSVP to attend a free online informational seminar on May 10th, 2013 @ 9 am EST.
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A partial list of the most successful worldwide organizations Rhythm Of Success has worked with includes GE, Schering Plough, Philips, Altria, UBS, Covidien, Boehringer Ingelheim and Eileen Fischer. Neerja Arora Bhatia has also authored two thought provoking books: ‘Art of Resilience' and 'Bliss is in Knowing the Self.’